Thobacts Hotel

More on the Thobacts Hotel where we are now. The rooms are adequate but the restaurant and the coffee shop are seriously below par. The food is marginally better than the first hotel but could best be described as amateurish and of pretty poor quality, all this from a hotel that charges LD280 – LD310 (US$220 – 250) per night.

The staff are generally better than at the Asshajara Hotel but good training and improved customer relations skills would go a long way.

Talk about Comedy Capers though. Mrs. Dadfap, spent a whole week chasing down lost laundry. It all started with some laundry being returned with some items of mine missing, just a pair of shorts and a pair of 3/4 length pants of my wife's. The front desk responded with glazed looks, the duty manager was almost as bad. They did manage to deliver THAT day's laundry, at about 11PM that night even with a do not disturb sign on the door, annoyed but relieved that some of our laundry had returned, we shrugged and went back to bed. So next day she starts in earnest to try and track down the missing laundry.
She starts by going to the housekeeping staff who again look at her with a glazed look, moves on to the housekeeping manager who repeatedly assures her that it had been delivered around 4 days earlier, despite her protestations to the contrary and inviting him to visit our room and check for himself.

Anyway, those who know Mrs Dadfap will understand, her persistence paid off and she tracked it down in the housekeeping supervisor's office (along with some items even we didn't realise were missing) and yes, the earlier advice was right, it had been delivered on the date that he mentioned. Problem is to the wrong room and to a guy who advised the house keeper that he didn't wear female trousers. Fortunately, the house keeping supervisor, a lovely girl from Tunisia, was helping by now and with her help, we tracked it all down. It took a while, as do most things here but we got there.


Ramadan has started and preparations are well underway for the start of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Revolution. Green Square has been cleaned and spruced up with lights and decorations as well as Omar Muktar street and the other streets leading down there.

There's been considerable effort cleaning up the streets and painting the street front buildings white. Where they have done all of the work, the city really does look like you would expect of a coastal city on the Mediterranean coast.

Oh remember in the last post regarding the dinner at the Corinthian Hotel and how nice the sunset was? We were there agin this week and again there was a beautiful sunset and this time we had a camera. Like I said, the sunsets are beautiful and the way the weather is at the moment, outside dining is just stunning.

A couple of weeks ago we travelled east to Leptis Magna to view the Roman ruins there. Stunning, absolutley brilliant and well worth the journey. Unfortunately, it was stinking hot so we only spent half the day there but we definately plan a second trip when it's cooler. Pictures next post as I said, it's a pretty interesting place, been around a while too!