New Blog Layout


Here's a new blog layout.  I thought that the other one was starting to look a little stale, besides which, I'm a fiddler.  I'll fiddle with a layout till I get what I am after.

This one is a couple of weeks in the sourcing and formatting.  No, I am not smart enough (yet) to be able to make my own Blog template, so I use ones available from the net.

Comments welcome, I'd like to hear what you think of the new format.

This little fella is a Meerkat at Naankuse, Namibia.  He's one of the animals that we cared for when we were in Namibia on holiday.  They really are as cute as you see on the TV in shows like Meerkat Manor.  What they don't tell you is what bloody thirsty little beggars they can be.

Two of these little guys were in a smallish enclosure with some rabbits and their young as well as some tortoises (or should that be tortoisi????) and a small Spring Hare, aka a Veldt Kangaroo as it hopped all over the place.  Looked as weird as anything you would see in E.T or Star wars.

Anyway, these vicious little buggers were gnawing the faces off of the baby rabbits and terrorising the tortoises so they were "quarantined"

More on Naankuse later.