We're off on safari again

We're off again!!!!

We're off again, another trip to our favourite destination in Africa ............... Namibia.  For 14 days we're going to be wandering around the northern half of the country with some time in the world renowned Etosha National Park for some more photography.

This is the middle of winter (the dry season) so we're going at the best time of year for game viewing.  All of our other trips have been in the summer (wet season ........... in Namibia? yes they do have one, albeit pretty short) for our trips to Namibia and South Africa when the bush is at it's thickest.  We have had pretty good luck in the past with game viewing even then so with some luck, we'll have plenty of pictures to put on our website and the blog pages.

Don't forget to check the website out every now and then.  In the last few days I've added a map of Namibia with pictures from our Flickr account (http://www.flickr.com/photos/24284119@N00/) so check that out too.

One of my upcoming projects for the website and blog is a series of photos of the pelicans at Walvis Bay, they were featured on a show that we saw many years ago when we were living in Saudi Arabia.  The show was on National Geographic by a couple of guys called Mad Mike and Mark, see their shows via the following link, these guys are absolute nutters!!!  http://www.marktennant.com/madmikeandmark.aspx.  These were the guys who first interested us in Namibia, what grabbed our attention was the pelicans they photographed in Walvis Bay, so we went to Namibia, spent 2 weeks there and included the photography opportunity in Walvis.

Now, if only I could get a full time gig like that!!!!!