Rhino poaching court case

I've posted a few times on the Rhino poaching epidemic that is plaguing South Africa but finally, I can tell you about some of the scum bags that have been caught and charged.
These are not poor subsistence farmers who are doing this to eke out a living, no, these are educated, professional people who have been systematically purchasing and slaughtering Rhino simply to make some extra cash.

These are people who own game farms, who have purchased Rhino from KRUGER PARK in a sophisticated scheme, run by the game park owners in conjunction with vets and slaughtered them for their horn.

Scumbag Dawie Groenwald

If this bastard of an act was being perpetrated by some poor farmers to make ends meet, you could almost rationalise the act as a means for survival.  Not in the case of the scum of the earth below, they were in it simply for the money, greedy, pathetic people who should be shunned and treated as the pariahs they are.
The bastards involved:

Scumbag Tielman Erasmus

Dawie Groenewald:  he has also been fined for illegal hunting methods (canned hunting) by a US court
This utterly despicable individual has reportedly been caught with 21 Rhino carcasses on the property.

Scumbag Sariette Grownwald

These people are beyond redemption and should have their farm confiscated and their pictures plastered on every possible website so that they are hounded wherever they go.
Please pass this on to people you know so that the plight of the Rhino, the positive actions of the South African authorities and the identity of the scum bags involved is known far and wide.  The HAWKS (an elite branch of the South African Police) and South Africa National Parks (SANPARKS) have become extremely active in trying to curb the poaching of Rhino and successes such as these need to be broadcast far and wide.