The World’s First Web Page

This may not be strictly "on topic" but if not for this man, we wouldn't be here now would we?

Twenty years ago this month, the world’s first web page was published by a physicist at the CERN Laboratory in the Swiss Alps.
From Tim's Facebook page
Tim Berners-Lee, then 36, published the page to demonstrate the potential of the WWW project. The average computer user couldn’t access the page; the only people with web browsing software were at the CERN facility.
Only the development of the Web Browser Mosaic and those that followed gave the WWW momentum.
Limited information on the original page is available today as no screenshots were taken of this page.  A great day in the history of the Internet goes largely unrecorded.
Berners-Lee also founded the World Wide Web Consortium (referred to as the W3C.) to create the standards that govern web pages so that pages can be viewed by all browsers.
Berners-Lee, now 56, is still director of the World Wide Web Consortium.