Africa still looms large in our imagination.  Even though it has been nearly 7 months since we were last there, many of the sounds and experiences remain vivid and almost touchable.

Two of the funniest sightings on our last trip were of elephants. As much as we enjoy all of the animals that we encounter, I am pretty sure that elephants are the most amusing of them all. The interactions within the herd are positively touching. The video here is a classic example.

We came across a herd of about two dozen animals exiting a waterhole and crossing the track we were travelling along. There was plenty of noise and commotion as the youngsters in the herd were playing around as they came up to the track.

One of the senior females took up a "guard" position to ensure that we kept a respectable distance from the youngsters as they crossed. She had a bit of attitude which you can see towards the end of the video, she was reminding us just who was the boss.

Elephants, you could watch them all day!