Scumbag Groenwald still allowed to keep animals

Scumbag Groenwald, accused of multiple crimes related to Rhinos has had a Rhino "poached" from his Polokwane property in Limpopo, South Africa.

I first wrote about Scumbag Groenwald and his Scumbag wife and others way back in 2010.

It seems that he is still involved in keeping Rhino and has had one "poached" from his property. He is also wanted in the US for illegal hunting.

When the Scumbag was asked why he was in tears over the poaching, he said that he had looked after the bull for two years and you don't often get an animal like that.

Groenwald is also wanted in the US accused of organising illegal hunts.

It was more likely tears of relief. With the poached horn said to be worth $1M, the Scumbag could now have more than enough to fund a defence.

He will finally go to court in August to face the charges brought against him.