Post Eid Tripoli

Well, we're back again, Ramadan and Eid have passed to be replaced by cooler weather and even rain.    I don't know if you've seen it but there were floods in northern Tunisia last week, seems they were deluged.  We've had a few light showers but nothing really to write home to Mum about.  The weather here at this time of year is stunning, nice warm days, cool evenings and beautiful breezes.  It's absolutley one of the nicest places to be here but we're told that we have a cold and windy winter to look forward to, a bit like an Aberdonian summer no doubt.
This place almost grinds to a halt for the month of Ramadan, even quieter than Saudi or Kuwait, there was always more to do there than we've found here.  One thing that we are finding now though are some decent restaurants.
There's the Safir down by Green Square, it's about a 3 minute walk east past the coffee shop on Baladia Street behind the Grand Hotel.  Pretty good food (try the Libyan Fish Tagine!!) and a stunningly decorated place.  It's all decked out in Persian type tiles with arches and ornate corniches, really a nice place and the owner / chef / waiter is a really nice guy.  Like all restaurants here, the menu is pretty limited and changed infrequently, what they do they typically do pretty well.
There are 2 pretty good Chinese restaurants along Gar Garesh road, they both have more extensive meuns than your typical Libyan restaurant, that's pretty standard about Chinese restaurants though, mainly variations on a theme.  The one further up Gar Garesh road is called ABSand it's close to the Libyan Petroleum Institute.  If you head along Gar Garesh road headed for Regatta Compound, the restaurant's about 1.2Km before the turn off to the compound.
The boss had her break in Oz while we had no hotel and I had a short trip to the UK, they still drink warm beer, maybe we'll be able to educate them at some time in the future to appreciate a nice cold beer.
 Now, the driving (again) .................... the roads are slippier and even though everyone has a somewhat more even temper, no more fasting makes for more even blood sugar counts throughout the day, the number of accidents are amazing.  Really, it's a miracle that there aren't more seriously bad incidents but I guess with the numbers of cars on the road, it's a little "safer"?  (A relative term, I know).
Still no seagulls, where are they all??????????????