In and Out of Libya

I've been slack, no doubt about it but between work (yes in reply to one commenter I DO have a job) and some travel, the BOLG has suffered.

Mrs Dadfap returned at the end of Ramadan from her sojourn in Australia and as I had done the right thing I flew her up the front of the bus on Emirates. As she flew business her baggage was tagged priority, didn't mean a damn thing. The business class baggage came out of the plane last and we waited for an hour for it to come out. Moral of the story, arrive refreshed wait for your bags!

Travel:  travel internally in Libya is surprisingly easy and cheap, not bad at all really.  I know that Libyan airlines don't feature too often in Frequent Flier reviews etc. but I have nothing but good things to say about my experiences so far about Afriqiyah.  Good planes, helpful staff both on the plane and on the ground, better than some American airlines that I have suffered with.  I flew to Benghazi a couple of weeks ago with them on an Airbus (don't ask me which one!) and it's a good clean operation.  I came back on Libyana which was OK too, except that the flight was about 90 minutes late without explanation.  Now, I don't know if you've ever been to Benghazi but the airport's not really one where you want to just spend some time languishing in the waiting rooms.

Benghazi is a vastly different city to Tripoli.  I know it's smaller but it has a completely different feel to it.  The traffic is less manic, the people are more relaxed and it's cleaner.  There are no piles of garbage lying around like you see in Tripoli, no trucks full of rotting household waste lumbering down the streets to dump it God only knows where, it's a nicer city all round. 

We're off to Ghadames for the Eid later in November.  It's another large set of ruins in the desert about 550Km from Tripoli.  It's supposed to be an extremely interesting place so we'll have some pictures when we get back to post here.  The picture above is from the Wiki page on Ghadames (shameful I know but at least I did the right thing with the credit).  And no doubt some tales about the bus trip, yep, 550Km on Libyan roads in a bus!

Cheers for now